The ‘I Love Admin’ Series

The ‘I Love Admin Series’


Administration is the backbone of business.  This is the prelude to introducing a series of blogs etc around this topic.  All too often business don’t have critical administrative processes in place which cost the business greatly.


This series will cover the likes of physical administration ie. filing and through to monetary and less visible aspect ie. invoicing (invoices can be generated and have a physical form but increasingly these days it is sending a pdf and being paid electronically).

The aim will be to make administration less tedious than most creative people currently perceive it and absolutely easier to implement!

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Rebooting the System

Gosh have I lost some time.  As humans, it is remarkable how much time we can lose, or our spot in time can be compromised through the worst of circumstances as know it.  Death in a family or of a friend can be debilitating.

The upside is the grief, albeit overwhelming, can give a unique or refreshed perspective on life.

I am referring to my rebooting of my system.  I have better clarity now as to I want and how to go about getting it and beyond that how to maintain it.  There is still pain but there is now also a unique motivation that wasn’t there before, a ‘for them’ momentum.

So I am rebooting and when the systems all come back online I look forward to forging forward…..

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7 Top Tips to Unblock Writer’s Block

Writer’s block can occur in many ways.  The most common occurrence is to sit down to write …. And go blank.  We have all been there.

I get my best ideas when I am away from any ability to write things down, like driving, shower, housework, shops etc.  Then when I get in front of the trusty laptop – nothing!

So, what to do?  Some stuff is preparation and other ideas are for the moment.

  1. Declutter – your desk, your workspace, everywhere that will distract you. Check out an IKEA or similar brochures and create your workspace haven. Relish the feeling.
  2. Dress to write – sounds silly I know but it is amazing the difference it makes when you are in the right clothing for the task. You don’t feel right going for brisk work or gardening wearing office clothes – you can manage the task but it just doesn’t feel right.  So do the things you would do if you were to go into an office environment for instance – like if you worked for a publishing company or magazine.
  3. Write down ideas everywhere – keep notebooks where you observe you get your ideas. I once worked with a professor that had a whiteboard ‘in’ his shower (I don’t know if it was 100% in his shower as such or that he could just lean out and write on it) – a bit extreme but you get the idea – even a whiteboard marker on the mirror would help!  I now keep a notebook and a pen in my handbag for shops and red lights and in my washing basket!
  4. If you write on paper, try using coloured paper instead of white. If you type directly into a word processing, try changing the background colour, you may need to also change the font colour to say white (remember of course to return it to white for printing!).
  5. Write anything! Setting getting down names of fruit or flowers, breeds of dogs – anything just to get it moving but just keeping writing once your idea flows and don’t delete the ‘releasing text’ until you have finished the half hour, idea or block of writing.
  6. Reward yourself. When you have done either a few pages, half an hour or completed an idea, make a cup of tea, sit in nature etc.
  7. Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you struggle.  You are not alone with this and you won’t be the last one either!  Take a deep breath and let it go.  AND when you re read/edit your work.  Remember that you will probably be your harshest critic.
  8. You will probably find it is a consistent theme in all my blogs! I include meditation in all my solutions – love it and find it is so powerful. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy – it isn’t even really what most people used to perceive of meditation. Simply sitting in a chair, eyes closed, hands palms up on your lap and long slow deep breaths for say 10 mins can have a profound impact.

So happy writing and please leave comments if this was helpful or if you have anything to add!




Standard Operating Procedures – “SOPs”

Well isn’t that a boring title for a blog?  The point is however, that boring is usually necessary.  What happens to your business if you get sick or injured etc.?  Can a temp or VA or even a relative walk into your business and keep you running?


Chances are no.  It is not being disrespectful to you or your personality or business at all of course.  It is just one of those things.  We all get hung up on stuff and what must happen and it is our baby so of course it is our way and no one else can capture that.


Here’s the thing, if something untoward should happen (fingers crossed, touch wood, salt over the shoulder, rosary beads etc. etc. that it doesn’t of course), you need the peace of mind that whomever you trust enough to walk in to talk over in the interim can do just that.


There is a basic example pdf with this blog to kick stat that process of getting the general operations down in print and treat it like a work in progress – it will evolve with you.  And one day when you least expect it you will thank yourself for having done it.  Even if it is at the other end of the business life and you are looking to sell – it will capture the essence of the asset for the buyer.  sample-standard-operating-procedures


So, if it is too heavy to sit and down and compile a SOPs, just start and every day as you go through the motions add a task and you will be surprise how quickly it grows legs and how easy it is to do!