Standard Operating Procedures – “SOPs”

Well isn’t that a boring title for a blog?  The point is however, that boring is usually necessary.  What happens to your business if you get sick or injured etc.?  Can a temp or VA or even a relative walk into your business and keep you running?


Chances are no.  It is not being disrespectful to you or your personality or business at all of course.  It is just one of those things.  We all get hung up on stuff and what must happen and it is our baby so of course it is our way and no one else can capture that.


Here’s the thing, if something untoward should happen (fingers crossed, touch wood, salt over the shoulder, rosary beads etc. etc. that it doesn’t of course), you need the peace of mind that whomever you trust enough to walk in to talk over in the interim can do just that.


There is a basic example pdf with this blog to kick stat that process of getting the general operations down in print and treat it like a work in progress – it will evolve with you.  And one day when you least expect it you will thank yourself for having done it.  Even if it is at the other end of the business life and you are looking to sell – it will capture the essence of the asset for the buyer.  sample-standard-operating-procedures


So, if it is too heavy to sit and down and compile a SOPs, just start and every day as you go through the motions add a task and you will be surprise how quickly it grows legs and how easy it is to do!