The ‘I Love Admin’ Series

The ‘I Love Admin Series’


Administration is the backbone of business.  This is the prelude to introducing a series of blogs etc around this topic.  All too often business don’t have critical administrative processes in place which cost the business greatly.


This series will cover the likes of physical administration ie. filing and through to monetary and less visible aspect ie. invoicing (invoices can be generated and have a physical form but increasingly these days it is sending a pdf and being paid electronically).

The aim will be to make administration less tedious than most creative people currently perceive it and absolutely easier to implement!

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Rebooting the System

Gosh have I lost some time.  As humans, it is remarkable how much time we can lose, or our spot in time can be compromised through the worst of circumstances as know it.  Death in a family or of a friend can be debilitating.

The upside is the grief, albeit overwhelming, can give a unique or refreshed perspective on life.

I am referring to my rebooting of my system.  I have better clarity now as to I want and how to go about getting it and beyond that how to maintain it.  There is still pain but there is now also a unique motivation that wasn’t there before, a ‘for them’ momentum.

So I am rebooting and when the systems all come back online I look forward to forging forward…..

Til next time